DC Universe Announces Live-Action ‘Stargirl’ Show from Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns

     July 19, 2018

What a busy day it’s been for our buds over at DC TV. After the “Fuck Batman” heard round the world that I still have not stopped laughing at and possibly never will, the comic book giant announced a Stargirl series for its DC Universe subscription on-demand service. Greg Berlanti, uber-producer and architect of The CW’s Arrow-verse, will executive produce through his Berlanti Productions banner alongside Geoff Johns, who will also write the series.

The character of Courtney Whitmore, alias Stargirl, first appeared on the pages of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0 in 1999, a wielder of the Cosmic Staff and future member of the Justice Society of America. THR reports that the live-action series—the sixth for DC Universe alongside the likes of TitansSwamp Thing, and Doom Patrol—will follow Whitmore as a high-school sophomore uniting a rag-tag group of young heroes against a TBD type of evil. No word yet on any casting, but like, what’s Rose McGiver up to after iZombie‘s last season? 

So yes, much to be excited about, and an equal if not more amount of things to be kind of not excited about after that Titans trailer. Berlanti, Johns, and Akiva Goldsman took a rag-tag group of teenaged superheroes that most fans know from a cartoon and turned them into a group of neck-snapping nu-metal fans with a Riverdale‘s-worth of capital-letter Deep Issues. Even Beast Boy! Beast Boy is green!

That’s where we’re at on the DC Universe front; cautiously optimistic for a lighthearted bit of comic book fun that stays true to the roots of the Stargirl character, but also kind of imagining a trailer where Courtney Whitmore knees Booster Gold in the dick and is just like, “Fuck Booster Gold.”

With that said: DC Universe launches in the fall, and is currently available to pre-order at $74.99 for a yearly membership or $7.99/month.