Adam McKay Says STEP BROTHERS Rap Album Is on Indefinite Hiatus; Album Could Rekindle Interest in Sequel

     November 13, 2012

Will Ferrell Step Brothers slice

Back in January 2011, we reported that a rap album based on Adam McKay‘s Step Brothers was in the works.  McKay tells The Playlist that they had signed Lukash [Gottwald], the producer behind hit songs by Katy Perry, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, and of course “Boats n’ Hoes”, was on board to produce the album.  “We actually wrote four or five raps, roughs of them, and were going to release the Step Brothers rap album,” says McKay. “And I can’t remember what happened, but right in the middle of it we suddenly got super busy and everyone had to walk away and it’s never been revived. We actually were halfway through writing it and Lukash was giving us beats, and we were going to do it.”  Truly, this was a missed opportunity for Prestige Worldwide.  But the album may hold the key to getting Step Brothers 2 back into production.  Hit the jump for more.

step_brothers_movie_posterEarlier this year, Will Ferrell told us that Anchorman 2 was dead, but a sequel to Step Brothers was a possibility.  However, as we learned just a few weeks later, Anchorman 2 was very much alive and the highly-anticipated sequel, Anchorman: The Legend Continues, was set to go in front of cameras in early 2013.  This put Step Brothers 2 on the back burner, and McKay isn’t sure when he’ll return to it.  He tells The Playlist:

Step Brothers 2 would have been fun, there’s no doubt about it. Maybe someday. Does that idea age? I don’t know. It all depends on how the movie ages. If in five years people still give a shit, maybe we’d do it. We’re not going to do back-to-back sequels though, we’d start to look pretty lame at that point.”

I don’t know how many people would hear the announcement of Step Brothers 2 and think it was lame.  That would be like turning up your nose at a fucking Catalina Wine Mixer.

But circling back to the rap album, it might be the key to getting Brennan and Dale back on screen.  Says McKay:

“I think that’s probably the answer, the way to keep it alive, to do that rap album,” McKay pondered. “So maybe that merits a phone call, you just reminded me of it. Maybe we should revive it that idea.”

They should revive that idea.  Here’s “Boats N’ Hoes” if you haven’t seen it or just need to be reminded of its greatness:

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