Stephen Chow No Longer Flies with THE GREEN HORNET

     July 14, 2009


Originally reported by SpoilerTV last week and now confirmed by CHUD, it looks like Stephen Chow is officially out of Michel’s Gondry adaptation of “The Green Hornet”.  With Rogen playing the titular hero, Chow was slated to play the Hornet’s sidekick “Kato”, a role played in the 1966 TV series by the legendary Bruce Lee.  “Hornet” would have also marked Chow’s first appearance in a mainstream, major Hollywood film.  Sadly, if Chow comes to rule these shores, we’ll have to wait as, according to CHUD, he had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict.  Hit the jump for more on “Green Hornet’s” odd flight to the big screen.

It’s been a bumpy road for “Green Hornet”.  Chow was originally slated to direct the film but had to back out of that responsibility back in December of 2008.  Then, back in January, there were reports that Sony had dropped the film only to have Seth Rogen to come back and say “Nay!” and that the project would continue ever onward.  Then it picked up a weird but exciting choice with Michel Gondry as the director and now it needs to find a Kato and fast as the film is still scheduled to hit theatres on July 9th, 2010.  Rogen should expect to get a lot of questions about the project at the “Funny People” junket this weekend.

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