Watch: Harmony Korine Teams Up with Stephen Curry for Cinematic Under Armour Ad

     October 25, 2016


Though Spring Breakers brought him out of the shadows and into the light for many, Harmony Korine has been around for quite some time at this point. As a teenager, he penned the script to Larry Clark‘s controversial, complicated Kids and went on to direct some purposefully unappealing experimental dramas, including Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy. He also directed documentary footage for magician David Blaine in the 1990s before moving onto more audacious and coherent works like Mister Lonely and Trash Humpers. Surprisingly, the latter is far more mature than the former.


Image via A24

Spring Breakers, however, changed his career completely and likely for the better. The misanthropic spirit is alive and well in the Selena Gomez-fronted movie but the filmmaker has gone from fetishizing the ugliness and plainness of reality to questioning the gorgeous neon glow and other salacious imagery that often powers the crime genre. We’ve been waiting awhile now for word on his official follow-up to that movie, with both Idris Elba and rapper Gucci Mane rumored to be leading the thriller at one time, but that doesn’t mean Korine hasn’t been busy. This year alone, he directed the video for Rihanna‘s “Needed Me” from her Anti record and, now, he’s directed an Under Armour advertisement focused on basketball icon Stephen Curry of the Warriors.

It’s interesting to note that the advertisement, which seems to be focused on a new brand of sneakers from Curry called Curry 3, revolves around a questioning of how one has grown, if you can make the old new again or the new old. In that rumination alone, one can see how Curry and Korine might have similar things in common – smart, original artists in their prime , wondering if they can keep going without repeating themselves. Korine doesn’t appear in the advertisement, but it doesn’t take much to see what personal elements he related to in the material.

Here’s the Under Armour ad directed by Korine and starring Curry: