Stephen Dorff Replaces Matt Dillon in BOOT TRACKS

     May 24, 2011


Stephen Dorff (Blade) will replace Matt Dillon as the male lead in director David Jacobson’s (Down in the Valley) indie flick Boot Tracks. Dorff will star alongside Ray Winstone and Michelle Monaghan in the adaptation of the Matthew F. Jones novel of the same name. In his new role, Dorff plays Charlie Rankin, an ex-con who has a fling with a former porn star (Monaghan) before setting off to complete his task: an honor-killing at the behest of a fellow inmate known as “Buddha” (Winstone), who kept Rankin relatively safe in prison in exchange for all manor of favors.

Variety originally reported that Dorff would be replacing Dillon in Boot Tracks, but did not mention any specific reasons. The actor can next be seen as Dick Shadow in this year’s Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, where he follows in his parents’ footsteps and becomes a porn star. In two movies that probably have nothing to do with porn, you can also find the Blade villain in Tarsem Singh’s Immortals and 2012’s Officer Down. As for Winstone, the actor has quite a busy year ahead of him, but perhaps his most interesting project of note will be Hugo Cabret where he reteams with Departed director, Martin Scorsese. Michelle Monaghan, from this year’s Source Code, can be seen opposite Gerard Butler in this fall’s Machine Gun Preacher. Finally, for more on Boot Tracks, hit the jump to check out a synopsis of Jones’ novel.

Here’s a synopsis for Matthew F. Jones’ Boot Tracks [from Amazon]:

This dark novel by Jones (Deepwater) follows a damaged, unstable jailbird named Charlie Rankin and a porn actress named Florence Jane on a violent road trip toward possible redemption. Fresh from a four-year prison sentence (for robbing a vending machine and breaking a security guard’s jaw), Charlie begins a trek to carry out a murder for his jailhouse friend and mentor William “the Buddha” Pettigrew, meeting insecure, trusting Florence along the way. In the dark of suburbia, Charlie accidentally chooses the wrong house; haunted by memories of childhood abuse, Charlie kills the couple living there, believing they are his mom and her abusive boyfriend. Battered and bloodied, he takes refuge at Florence’s apartment and is surprised by her unquestioning acceptance. As the two lost souls take to the road, cautiously exploring the blossoming love between them, Charlie must decide between completing his duty to the Buddha-and letting loose the violent urges within him-and the alien feelings he’s developed for Florence.


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