Directors Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall Video Interview WINNIE THE POOH

     July 16, 2011

Directors Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall Interview WINNIE THE POOH slice

Perennial family favorite Winnie the Pooh returns to theaters this Friday in Disney’s new traditionally animated film of the same name. Pooh Bear is back with all of his friends in the 100 Acre Wood, getting into mischief and looking for honey. It’s a very sweet family film that will make a great first theater experience for many children and manage to keep parents engaged without indulging in any double entendre.

Last weekend I sat down with the film’s directors Stephen J. Anderson and Don Hall to discuss their new cartoon. During the interview we talked about keeping it fun but innocent, the work dynamic with two directors, the less wistful tone of this film, Pooh Bear’s honey addiction and get an update on Bebe’s Kids. Hit the jump to watch.


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