Author Stephenie Meyer, Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and Producer Wyck Godfrey Talk THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 1

     November 3, 2011

Author Stephenie Meyer, Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and Producer Wyck Godfrey THE TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN - PART 1 Video Interview

Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 release is mere days away, on November 18, and earlier today the studio held a large press junket here in Los Angeles.  While the reporters knew that screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and producer Wyck Godfrey were going to be talking today, we were all surprised when Twilight author Stephenie Meyer showed up to also talk to the press.  If you’re not aware, Meyer hasn’t done a lot of press since the first film, so it was no surprise that most of the questions were aimed at her.

During the twenty or so minute press conference, Meyer’s was asked if she would continue writing books in the Twilight universe, the differences between the books and the films, the birth scene, the decision to make Breaking Dawn into two films, her reaction to seeing the finished film, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch the video.

Finally, after you’re done watching this interview, here’s video of the Robert Pattinson press conference for Breaking Dawn.

Here’s the questions that were asked followed by the video:

  • Will Meyer continue writing in the Twilight universe
  • why New Orleans for filming
  • Meyer’s talks about how she wished she could have used some of what was done in the movie in the books
  • Rosenberg on writing the scripts and the differences
  • Meyer’s talks about the music she listened to
  • Meyer’s on Kristen Stewart’s transformation into a mother
  • Sexual politics of thye books and movies
  • What was thei favorite moment they could see explored in the movie
  • Meyer’s thoughts on the birth scene
  • Meyer’s talks about the success of the franchise and the movies and have they changed her as a storyteller
  • When was the decision to make the film in 2 parts and why was Bride of Frankenstein used in the movie
  • Reaction to seeing the finished film for the first time
  • What do they do when they get writers block
  • Rosenberg on what she has learned from this process as a screenwriter


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