Steve Carell and Paul Rudd Spoof LeBron James’ “The Decision” During ESPYs

     July 15, 2010


Almost certainly to the delight of the citizens of the city once known as Cleveland (is the place still open?), Dinner for Schmucks co-stars Steve Carell and Paul Rudd parodied LeBron James’ one-hour television not-so-special “The Decision” during last night’s ESPYs. In case you missed the original because you have better things to do than worry about where King James dribbles a basketball (I, coincidentally enough, do not), suffice to say it was an overtly manufactured television event in which James announced his intent to play for the Miami Heat.

In the hilarious, yet poignant (Personal note: it’s sad because I actually watched it) spoof, Carell plays James while Rudd is Jim Gray, the man who did his level-best to stretch a ten-second announcement into an hour of drama-filled television. Hit the jump to check out the far more entertaining parody.

As mentioned, Carell and Rudd can be seen together again in the upcoming comedy Dinner for Schmucks also starring Zach Galifianakis, Flight of the Conchord’s Jemaine Clement, and Stephanie Szostak. Schmucks opens on July 30th.

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