Steve Carell’s Production Co. Takes a Swing at MISSING LINKS

     October 26, 2009


Variety reports that Steve Carell’s production company, Carousel Productions, is set to adapt Rick Reilly’s golf novel, “Missing Links”.  The story is about “a group of golfing buddies at a run-down Boston course. The group discovers they’ve been playing next to an elite club and holds a competition over who will be first to play a round.”  Hopefully it will have a cheesy 80s movie vibe otherwise I have no interest in the film especially since Variety makes no mention of Carell even considering a lead role in the film.  If this reaches the screen, I assume he’ll have a cameo role.  Perhaps he could be a surly yet lovable groundskeeper who provides a key bit of wisdom to the film’s hero before the big game.  I don’t even know if that role is in Reilly’s book but it would be great in a cheesy 80s-comedy.

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