Watch: Steve Carell Tries to Be Funny Again in ‘SNL’ Promo

     November 14, 2018


Steve Carell is the host of Saturday Night Live this weekend, but he’s having a bit of trouble finding his funny bone again in the delightful promo for the episode. If you don’t count the Despicable Me films, it’s been five years since Carell starred in a fully fledged comedy—the outlandish Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The actor has instead been stretching his dramatic chops to incredible results in films like Foxcatcher, Last Flag Flying, and most recently Beautiful Boy, which is what he’s promoting on SNL in addition to his upcoming turn as Donald Rumsfeld in Vice.

But while I truly do think Carell is a terrific dramatic actor, I can also admit it’s going to be great to see him just be silly on SNL this weekend. It’s a crime that he was never nominated for an Emmy for The Office, delivering one of the most iconic TV performances in history. He’s one of the most gifted comedic performers in recent memory, and again while I appreciate stuff like Beautiful Boy, it would be nice to see him go full Anchorman again.

Which is why this SNL promo really hits the spot. Carell lets his goofy self cut loose as he struggles to be “funny” again, leading up to a pitch from Aidy Bryant and Chris Redd that I truly hope makes the show on Saturday.

Check out the Steve Carell SNL promo below.


Image via Amazon Studios