Steve Pink to Direct THE TOXIC AVENGER Remake

     November 5, 2010

Director Steve Pink (Hot Tub Time Machine) has signed on to direct the upcoming remake of The Toxic Avenger.  The 1984 Troma cult classic told the unforgettable story of Melvin, a nerdy mop boy, who becomes a deformed superhero (and ladies man) after falling into some vats of toxic waste.  According to Deadline, Pink will be writing the film with Daniel C. Mitchell.  Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, who created the original film, will be coming on board as producers.  As a person who grew up watching the original the film, I have to say that it’ll be interesting to see if Pink will keep the film’s over the top gore, nudity, and crude humor, or if he will decide to make the film into some kind of superhero satire/spoof.  You can hit the jump to read the plot synopsis and watch the trailer for the original film

Here’s the plot synopsis for the original film (via Amazon)

The most widely known of Troma Films’ stable of low-budget exploitation, The Toxic Avenger is an exuberantly crude poke at superheroes and monster movies, delivered with a healthy dose of cheap gags, splattery special effects, and T&A. It’s also a genuinely funny film, and its no-holds-barred attitude has a grubby charm that eludes most gross-out comedies. The Toxic Avenger opens with an absurdly vicious crew preying upon Melvin, a nebbishy janitor. Their pranks land him in a vat of chemical waste, which transforms him into a lumpy monster that deals out gruesome revenge. Directors (and Troma company heads) Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz aim low in detailing “Toxie’s” vengeance spree, and the subsequent carnage should please gorehounds. But they’re also savvy enough recognize the film’s limitations, and wisely camp things with plenty of slapstick. The result is a frantic and funny mess that should amuse even the most dour cult movie fan.

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