Steven Soderbergh Begins Production on HBO Project ‘Mosaic’

     October 6, 2015


Steven Soderbergh seems to have a different definition of retirement than most people. Then again, he’s a different kind of director than most. And his latest project demonstrates that perfectly.

It was recently revealed that Soderbergh is working with HBO for his next film, Mosaic. The film is set to star Sharon Stone and Garret Hedlund,and will have a different kind of narrative approach— the audience will have the ability to decide one of several possible endings via an app (no word yet on what non-smartphone audience members get to see). Production was slated to begin once Soderbergh finished editing season two of The Knick, his Cinemax drama series. It seems that day has come, as Soderbergh tweeted out a picture of the start of production.

What’s interesting about the picture is the inclusion of “(shooting phase A).” Given the nature of the project, could this refer to ending ‘A’ versus ending ‘B’ versus ending ‘C,’ etc? Or perhaps this is how he usually breaks down the shooting schedule, into phases. Also of note, given that this is a full length movie that will include multiple endings being filmed, four weeks seems pretty breezy- but if you haven’t noticed, the man works fast, even in retirement.

Since announcing he would no longer be making feature films a few years ago (he explained why in a recent interview), Soderbergh has been rather busy, with Behind the Candelabra, which found a home on HBO, directing every episode of The Knick for Cinemax (including the just-wrapped second season), and even serving as the Director of Photography for Magic Mike XXL. But don’t worry, he did find time to enjoy his retirement.


Image via Warner Bros.