Steven Spielberg “Very Involved” with ‘Amazing Stories’ Remake Says Bryan Fuller

     November 3, 2015


We recently reported that NBC would be reviving the network’s 80s series Amazing Stories with Bryan Fuller acting as showrunner, and now, Fuller is opening up about the project. The anthology series featured stories from the genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, and took its name from the influential science-fiction magazine. Despite recent rumors that Steven Spielberg, who created the original series, wouldn’t be involved in the new iteration, Fuller’s comments are quite to the contrary.

In speaking to Crave, Fuller delved into just how much Spielberg is involved with the remake and where the esteemed director/producer fits into the production process. Fuller also talked about curating the stories for the remake and reaching out to writers and directors who’d like to take a crack at playing in this new world. And while he won’t say just who might appear either behind the camera or in front of it, Fuller did reveal his favorite episode from the original run.


Image via David Vogel

As for how he got involved in the first place, Fuller talks about Spielberg’s hand in getting him on board:

I want to talk to you about Amazing Stories, which just got announced. How long has this been in the cards? How long have you been working on this?


Not very long! It’s relatively new. I got a phone call from Steven Spielberg’s office asking for a meeting, and I went in and I sat down with Mr. Spielberg and he was very, very complimentary about Hannibal and how well it is produced, and [he] asked me if I would produce Amazing Stories and make sure it was as beautiful as Hannibal, and I said, “I will do whatever you want me to do, Mr. Spielberg.”

So while Spielberg was instrumental in getting Fuller involved with this remake, he continues to have a hand in the operations of selecting which stories are fit to grace the small screen:

How involved will he be throughout the course of the show? Or at this point is it all in your hands?


I have had three meetings on Amazing Stories, two of them with Steven Spielberg. So from my experience he is very involved. I’ve pitched him ten stories for episodes and he has approved five of them, and no story moves forward without Mr. Spielberg’s approval.


Image via Amblin Entertainment

Fuller has commented on reaching out to “amazing storytellers”, both directors and writers, to bring these stories to life, but remains mum on just who he’s hoping to get. In fact, there seems to be plenty of room for these creative forces to pitch their own ideas:

It’s almost like a nursery, a development nursery. We want people to come in and pitch. We want people to come in and tell us a story that they’re very excited about telling, and facilitate them telling it as well as I possibly can. One of the things that I’m most proud about, with working with the directors that I did on Hannibal, is that I basically provided the paradigm from which we make the show and then encouraged every director to make their best version of a pretentious art film.

So while Fuller’s method of providing writers and directors with the creative freedom they require will be carried over from his Hannibal days, he also admitted to being excited to have the opportunity to tell these high-concept stories in a refreshing way. As for his favorite story from Amazing Stories episodes past:

I would have to say Mark Hamill as the collector [in] Gather Ye Acorns, because I am an action figure collector and I have action figures from my childhood, and I related very intimately to Mark Hamill’s journey in that episode!

Though you can’t see that particular episode (Season 1, Episode 16) over at NBC, you can check out some full episodes there. Be sure to tune in to Fuller and Spielberg’s new take on Amazing Stories when it debuts on NBC.


Image via Amblin Entertainment