Watch: Video Essay Breaks Down How Steven Spielberg Uses Sound to Immerse You in Action

     January 17, 2018


We all know Steven Spielberg is an extraordinary filmmaker, but it can be hard to quantify the precise elements that make him so exceptional. Of course, that’s a multi-faceted answer that includes everything from his rapport with actors to framing to command of storytelling, but a new video essay breaks down one of the more technical elements in his arsenal — good sound design.

Spielberg is currently doing the awards circuit rounds for his timely journalism drama The Post, but for his new video, YouTuber Nerdwriter1 jumps back to Munich to reveal how the director and legendary sound designer Ben Burtt us sound to tell a story so complete, you don’t even need the picture to see it. This fella’s video essays are always on point (we previously shared his insightful take on David Fincher’s camerawork), and his Spielberg analysis doesn’t disappoint. So if you want to learn more about an element of Spielberg’s filmmaking you might not have picked up on, or just marvel at what a damn fine storyteller he is, check out the video below.

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