Still No BATMAN 3 from Christopher Nolan

     December 8, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

With “The Dark Knight” set to drop on DVD and Blu-Ray this Tuesday, the film’s reticent director recently granted an interview to The USA Today writer Scott Bowles in which he discussed, among other things, the possibility of a third installment of his “Batman” franchise. Not much has changed since he spoke to the LA Times in October – any potential follow-up to “Dark Knight” is still a long way from becoming a reality.

As to the delay, Nolan again cites the difficulty studios have had with third chapters of successful franchises: “Godfather 3”, “Superman 3” “Star Trek 3″… I could go on forever. Here’s the quote from the Nolan himself instead:

“I don’t know why they’re hard to do. Maybe there’s so much expectation to them. But I wouldn’t want to do one if it weren’t going to be as good as the first or second. That’s not respectful to the fans.”

See that? The man has our best interests at heart – and perhaps his own. Nothing can fuck up a career like following the second highest-grossing film of all time with something along the lines of “Spiderman 3”, “Shrek the Third” or… stop me anytime.

Nolan went on to tell Bowles that he has been writing notes and rough outlines for a third installment, but has yet to come up with anything he feels is film worthy:

“It was obvious when the box office was so big that we had underestimated how ready fans were to reboot the franchise. The worst thing you could do now that you’ve gotten the plane back in the air is mess up the landing.”

Help Nolan stick his landing by checking out the entire interview here

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