David Harbour Says ‘Stranger Things’ 3 Will “Smack You in the Heart”

     April 5, 2019

David Harbour, a.k.a. America’s Dad, has already had a busy year — but it’s only the beginning. He’s next starring in the title role of Neil Marshall‘s Hellboy, but soon he’ll be back on the small screen in Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 3 around the time filming starts for Marvel’s Black Widow movie. Our own Steve Weintraub caught up with Harbour at CinamaCon and asked him what it was like coming into the MCU and such a crazy filming schedule. “It’s not just joining it, but joining it with a great project,” he shared. “Cate Shortland is an unbelievable director. The Russian agent Black Widow, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz I’m hearing … I mean it seems like a dream come true.”

It would be understandable for Harbour to say yes to the project sight unseen in terms of a script, but he said he was given a small bit of info beforehand. “I was told the story, and I was told what I would be doing in the story, and it’s very satisfying and very cool. “I was kinda like ‘I don’t need to see a script, I trust you guys.’ But also they were like, ‘We’re not going to show you a script, it’s not your choice,’ and I was like ‘Ok where do I sign?’” He joked.


Image via Netflix

When it comes to the third season of Stranger Things, which premieres on Netflix July 4th, Harbour addressed his Magnum, P.I. look and more by saying how much bigger and more colorful the upcoming episodes are:

“It’s bigger, and it’s more Spielbergian. I felt Season 1 was very Stephen King, Season 2 was very Spielberg, and we get even more Spielbergian in our aesthetic. It’s got a lot of color to it this year, we really get into the ‘80s more; it’s ’85, Hopper has a whole new getup, he’s got a mustache — we’re leaning into it in a really fun, interesting way. Also it’s got a lot of love, and it always has from the very beginning. That’s the thing that’s very special about the show, it has tremendous heart. I always get choked up when I watch it, and this season is no different. It takes a lot of risks, but in its essence it’s going to smack you in the heart. It’s really funny and it’s really beautiful and there are some big, big surprises.”

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