Watch: Barb Returns & Jimmy Fallon Plays Steve in ‘Stranger Things’ Sketch

     September 1, 2016


With yesterday’s news that Stranger Things will indeed have a second season, following all sorts of speculation, the runaway Netflix hit now has a whole lot more speculation on its hands. Of course, that’s likely on purpose. The release of the short video yesterday confirming the rumors that Season 2 was a go for 2017 came with a list of episode titles that has already generated a handful of think pieces about what connection, if any, these titles have to the world of Stranger Things. Indeed, there were more than a few people trying to figure out how a pollywog will fit into the Upside Down.


Image via Netflix

The biggest bit of guessing and wondering centered around one of the show’s surprisingly standout characters, namely Barb (Shannon Purser), Nancy’s best friend who gets dragged into the Upside Down. So, when Jimmy Fallon had the young cast of the series – Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin – on The Tonight Show last night, the late night host took the chance to make a funny. The show launched into a sketch at one point that had Fallon portraying Steve and the young cast returning to their roles with the show’s lead writer, A.D. Miles, appearing as Barb returning from the Upside Down.

Wilson is uproarious in the role and the young actors seem to slip pretty easily back into character, even if the premise seems just a bit obvious and brazenly of-the-moment. Still, someone had to do it, and Fallon and company did a good job making the joke work for a little over three minutes. Now, it’s time to go back to pondering how exactly Barb will fit into the next run of episodes for the series. It couldn’t be so simple as she being “The Brain” that serves as the title for one of the new episodes. Or could it?

Watch the Tonight Show‘s Stranger Things sketch right below:



Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix