Watch: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Premiere Date, Poster Revealed with Cryptic Countdown

     January 1, 2019

stranger-things-season-3For Stranger Things Season 3, Netflix has certainly gotten creative with its teaser trailers. Instead of showing us footage from the new season (which, let’s be honest — the less we know the better, just for spooky-sake), we’ve gotten commercials from a local mall, a rollout of the season’s titles, and now, a vintage New Year’s countdown.

Of course, it’s no ordinary New Year’s countdown. There are some creepy, VHS-esque snowy blips and some cryptic messages (“when blue and yellowing meet in the west,” as one example), plus the video slowly rotates to leave us with upside down fireworks. So clearly, we are not done with, y’know, the Upside Down. As for the rest, well, you can head to Reddit for some speculation.

The biggest reveal of this new teaser, though, is when the series will return: July 4th, 2019. It seems forever away, and it really is (especially when this season of Stranger Things wrapped filming awhile back). A new poster was also released, where you can see that the kids are growing up fast, although I think we need to talk about Will’s shorts specifically. I mean, hasn’t this child suffered enough? Why would they do that to him!

Mike and Eleven are also holding hands (aww), but it looks like that relationship is likely in jeopardy given the momentous events all happening around them.

Check out the teaser below, along with the new poster and links to more of our recent Stranger Things coverage. The series returns July 4th, because America!