‘Stranger Things’ Is Reimagined as a Delightful 80s Sitcom in Fan-Made Trailer

     August 2, 2016


There’s no doubt that the binge-worthy Netflix series Stranger Things walks a dark path: its story centers on the search for a missing boy, a monstrous threat from another world, child abuse, and the pitfalls of adolescence. But it’s not just doom and gloom that makes the Matt and Ross Duffer creation live up to the hype. There’s also the lighter side of the story: the friendships between the children and teenagers alike, the games they play, the naive yet self-serious manner they search after their missing friend, and the ultimate good feelings at the end of it all.

Stranger Things succeeds, in part, because of its homage to the 80s, which also includes the more uplifting aspects of iconic movies and TV shows of the decade. YouTuber Tim Bennett saw through the darkness in the series and decided to focus on its lighter, family friendly side. With that in mind, he cut a new fan trailer that reimagines the show as an actual 80s sitcom, one concerned with family matters and small-town drama rather than mad science and underdwellers. Take a look at the trailer below, and then head down to the comments to let us know if you’d watch that series!

Check out the fan-made trailer below (via Celebuzz):

You may have recognized the music playing over the piece since it’s Randy Newman’s song written for Toy Story. Yes, we know, that movie came out in 1995 so it kind of throws off the whole “80s thing,” but it’s also titled “Strange Things,” so we’ll allow it!

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