Watch Season 1 of the ‘Street Fighter: Resurrection’ Web Series

     December 20, 2016


The first season of Street Fighter: Resurrection, a continuation of the events from Assassin’s Fist, kicks off from Machinima Studios with a shadowy new threat that’ll be familiar to fans.

Set 10 years after the events of Assassin’s First, Resurrection returns Alain Moussi (Jai Courtney’s stunt double in Suicide Squad) as Charlie Nash, who was long thought to be dead after a mission with Guile and Chun-Li went sour. Now, he’s back and he’s attacking legendary Street Fighter champions as part of a mysterious mission. Ryu (Empire actor Mike Moh) and Ken (The World’s End stuntman Christian Howard) are among his targets, and they team up to uncover his true intentions, leading up to a showdown in London with the Shadaloo cartel.

In the first episode, “New Challenger,” which you can watch below, Laura Matsuda (Natascha Hopkins) is trying to prove herself as a top tier fighter by challenging Ken to a fight. But two mysterious strangers intervene, proving she may have bitten off a little more than she can chew.

The Bourne Ultimatum actor Joey Ansah, who wrote and directed Assassin’s First, returns as writer and director on Resurrection. Katrina Durden will also appear as Decapre, a “hideously scarred, psychotic assassin” who’s been assumed dead since M Bison fell.

Watch the first episode below and head over to to watch the rest of the season.

Here’s the official description of the season, which consists of four episodes:

In Resurrection, heroes Ken and Ryu are reunited to face an ominous new threat. Charlie Nash is back, and targeting legendary Street Fighter champions in a mysterious mission. After a violent confrontation with Nash, Ryu and Ken must uncover his lethal plan and find out if he is friend or foe. As events speed toward a showdown in London with the resurgent Shadaloo cartel, covert forces battle for global supremacy with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

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