STUCK Red Band Trailer and 2 Movie Clips

     May 25, 2008

There is no way to hear the movie synopsis for “Stuck” and not think it’s made up. After all, who could believe someone would hit a homeless man while driving and then the man would fly through the passenger’s side windshield and get stuck there. But that’s not the end of the story…. After it happens, the person drives home and leaves the man in the windshield to die. While it sounds like a crazy story from a horror novelist…. unfortunately, “Stuck” is based on a very real event.

A number of years ago, in Texas, this actually took place. And while the movie tells a slightly different tale of what happened after the said event, the main part of the story – a woman putting a homeless man through her windshield and then driving home – is very true.

So with “Stuck” arriving in theaters this Friday, ThinkFilm has given me a red band trailer and 2 clips from the movie for you all to watch. And in the coming days I’ll have an interview with Mena Suvari – one of the stars of the film.

Until then, here’s the official synopsis and the clips:

Stuart Gordon (“Re-Animator,” “Edmond”) creates a provocative, over-the-top experience in STUCK, a tabloid-tinged thriller inspired by true events. Brandi (Mena Suvari) is a compassionate young retirement-home caregiver in-line for a promotion. Tom (Stephen Rea) is a victim of the downsized economy, out of work and newly homeless. Their worlds collide when Brandi, driving home from a club after too many drinks and pills, accidentally hits Tom, the impact smashing his body head-first through her car’s windshield. If discovered, this “accident” will extinguish her bright future, so instead of saving him, her plan is to let him pass and dispose of the body later. Faced with this reality, Tom knows he must escape if he wants to survive.

Stuck Red Band Trailer

Movie Clip 1 – The Hit

Movie Clip 2 – Call for help

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