First Image from Zack Snyder’s SUCKER PUNCH and New Images from Dwayne Johnson’s FASTER

     July 16, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I posted some new images from Thor and Green Lantern and mentioned they were the tip of a titanic sized marketing iceberg.  That’s because next week is Comic-Con, and over the next week you’re going to see tons of new images from almost every big movie on the horizon.   And up today…the first images from Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch and some new images from Dwayne Johnson’s Faster.

While I’m under embargo for writing what I know about Sucker Punch, I don’t think I’ll get in trouble for saying this is a movie you should be counting the days to.  Also, with a cast of beautiful women kicking ass (Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, Carla Gugino, Jena Malone, and Jamie Chung), Snyder is going to deliver something special.  Trust me.  Hit the jump to see the first official images from the film.  You’ll want it as a wall poster.  Also, we’ve also got some new images from Johnson’s Faster.

But before going any further, if you’re going to Comic-Con, Snyder is hosting a Sucker Punch panel in Hall H on Saturday morning.  That’s where he will premiere footage from the movie.  For more info go here, but if you’re not going to Comic-Con…don’t worry.  We’ll be there and writing up everything that’s shown.  Check back here all of next week for plenty of Comic-Con updates.

And regarding Faster, the new images are from the official website.  Also, we’re going to be one of the websites premiering the teaser trailer on Monday morning, so check back Monday for that.

Sucker Punch gets released March 25, 2011. It is so much more than “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns.”  That’s the one liner everyone has used for almost two years.  For more on the movie, click here for our previous coverage.  The images below are from this week’s Entertainment Weekly and livejournal.

Faster gets released November 24, 2010.  Read my set report here.  And here’s the official synopsis:

After 10 years in prison, Driver (Dwayne Johnson) has a singular focus – to avenge the murder of his brother during the botched robbery that led to his imprisonment. Now a free man with a deadly to-do list in hand, he’s finally on his mission…but with two men on his trail – veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) just days from retirement, and a young egocentric hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) with a flair for the art of killing and a newfound worthy opponent. The hunter is also the hunted. It’s a do or die race to the list’s finish as the mystery surrounding his brother’s murder deepens, and new details emerge along the way hinting that Driver’s list may be incomplete.

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