Exclusive ‘Suicide Squad’ Blu-ray Clip: Jared Leto Goes Method on Set for His Joker Transformation

     November 11, 2016


While the title team of David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad offered up one of the biggest box offices of the year, Jared Leto‘s Joker transformation stole numerous headlines leading up to the summer blockbuster debut. From his method approach to playing one of DC Comics’ most notorious villains, to his antics like sending a rat to his co-stars, Leto’s unhinged preparation for the equally maniacal antagonist has kept audiences’ attention well after the film left theaters.

And now that Suicide Squad is due to drop on Blu-ray early this December, we have the exclusive premiere of a behind-the-scenes clip that shows Leto going full method on set as the Joker. This video also features commentary from Ayer on watching Leto’s transformation and directing him as the Joker on set. For fans of the performances in Suicide Squad and the movie in general, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Check out our exclusive debut of the Suicide Squad Blu-ray clip below:

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