SUICIDE SQUAD: First Image of Jared Leto Sporting The Joker’s Signature Green Hair

     April 9, 2015


Yesterday, Suicide Squad director David Ayer posted an image of the assembled cast on twitter – with one noticeable exception – Jared Leto was nowhere to be seen. Today, Ayer has taken to twitter once more, this time addressing fan concerns with the hashtag #WhereIsJared. While we heard Leto was on tour, it looks like they might have left him out of the cast shot due to a recent hair change. Ayers tweet teases a first look at Leto with The Joker’s signature green style, and it’s a pretty sweet reference to one of The Joker’s standout appearances in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. It’s a blurry look, but it’s a look all the same. No doubt the picture is filtered to hell and back, but they seem to be going with a bit more of a blue-green color, which looks pretty darn creepy with Leto rocking the no eyebrows style.

Check out Ayer’s tweet below.

This is one of many teases that Leto and Ayer have thrown out regarding Leto’s “transformation” into the iconic character, most of them focused on the hair. First Ayer called their incarnation “majestic” and posted some behind-scenes-set photos, including one of Leto’s straggly locks being chopped off. Additionally, some fans recently caught a video of Leto adopting a “crazy” voice while on stage that could very well be a hint at how he’ll voice the joker.

What do you think of what you’ve seen so far? What would you like to see Leto’s incarnation of The Joker look like? How do you like that “The Killing Joke” shout out? Sound off below.


Image via David Ayer


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