Rumor: Karl Urban in the Mix for Rick Flag in SUICIDE SQUAD; Details on The Joker

     January 26, 2015


Ready for another round of Suicide Squad casting rumors?  On Friday we told you that Warner Bros. is allegedly going after Joel Edgerton and Jon Bernthal for Rick Flag, the role Tom Hardy stepped away from and Jake Gyllenhaal took a pass on.  Now we’ve got JoBlo reporting that Karl Urban is in the running for the part as well.  According to their source, there’s still a chance Urban could sign on for Aquaman depending on which version of the script the studio decides to run with, but, for now, Urban is still being considered for Rick Flag as well.

The rest of this article has possible spoilers for Suicide Squad, so now’s the time to tune out if you don’t want additional details on the film.

In addition to Rick Flag, Rick Flag Senior will be in the movie and, according to JoBlo’s source, Warner Bros. is considering Ed Harris and Max Martini for the part.  The outlet also offered up casting details for the roles of the Thinker and General Lane.  Apparently Geoffrey Rush passed on playing the Thinker, but no word on who the studio will go after next.  As for General Sam Lane, Lois Lane’s father, again, no word on who’s being considered for the role, but JoBlo did clear up the whole Gary Sinise rumor.  Their source claims that “that’s the wrong general” for the actor.

joe-manganiello-suicide-squadFrom there JoBlo moves on to Deathstroke.  The last rumor pegged Joe Manganiello as the top choice for the role and JoBlo corroborates the story, but adds that Jason Clarke is also being considered.  The outlet also claims that Deathstroke will not be part of the team or a bodyguard.  Instead, he’s a “hired assassin that is competing with the Suicide Squad.”

The article also offers up a brief description of The Joker.  Apparently he’s “scarred all over his body because of his battles with Batman.”  He’s also got a habit of playing “mind games with people and twists [their] minds.”  The JoBlo source also highlights, “everyone is afraid of him.”

If this description of The Joker is accurate, it would confirm that The Joker has a pre-established relationship with Batman.  According to JoBlo, Ben Affleck’s Batman is “mentioned in the script and even shown on surveillance cameras” because Amanda Waller is “after him for something.”  They don’t confirm that Affleck will appear in the film in the flesh, but do note that a cameo is dependent on his schedule, so there’s still “a good possibility” it could happen.

Lastly, the outlet adds a little bit on Cara Delevingne’s The Enchantress.  Their source describes her as “really powerful” and key to the film’s “crazy” prison riot finale.

Per usual, JoBlo concludes by pointing out that none of these details are confirmed, so best to consider them rumors for now.  Suicide Squad is set to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.


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