Why the ‘Suicide Squad’ Post-Credits Scene Makes the Film Even Worse

     August 7, 2016


In film franchise building, stingers have almost become a requirement. The audience is hungry for the next installment, so you include a little ad for an upcoming movie in the credits of your current movie. Sometimes, it’s a welcome glimpse or an enticing promise. But other times it’s a sacrifice, and Suicide Squad, a film that’s already a mess, becomes even more damaged by trying to get audiences interested in a future DCEU movie.

[Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad]


Image via Warner Bros.

In the stinger for Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) has a meeting with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) where she asks for his protection. In exchange for him covering up her involvement in the catastrophe at Midway City, she’ll give him files on people who could be “friends” to him. Wayne flips through the files and sees photos of Barry Allen (The Flash) and Arthur Curry (Aquaman). As Wayne is leaving, Waller warns him not to keep working such late hours, heavily implying that she knows he’s Batman. Wayne retorts that she should shut down Task Force X or else he and his friends will do it for her.

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