Movie Talk: ‘Suicide Squad’ Fans Petition Rotten Tomatoes; Willem Dafoe Joins Adam Wingard’s ‘Death Note’

     August 3, 2016

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (August 3rd, 2016) Mark Ellis, Jon Schnepp, Clarke Wolfe and Ashley Mova discuss the following:

  • Petition demands Rotten Tomatoes site be shut down over Suicide Squad reviews
  • Willem Dafoe joins Adam Wingard’s Death Note 
  • Jai Courtney thinks it’s time to leave the Terminator franchise alone
  • AMC Rewind
  • Mail Bag


Image via Warner Bros.

Some of the DC Comics faithful are not too pleased with the poor reviews Suicide Squad has been getting and they are blaming Rotten Tomatoes, the site which famously aggregates reviews from critics around the space. Currently, Suicide Squad sits at 33 percent with 2013’s Man of Steel sitting at 56 percent and March’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice pulling the lowest of them all with 27 percent. The petition, made by a fan who says he lives in Egypt, argues Rotten Tomatoes should be shut down because its critics “always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews,” and this affects people’s opinions, even if the films are “great.” As of Tuesday night, more than 5,000 people have signed the petition, but plenty of comments have questioned the validity of trying to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, considering the site itself does not review films. The petition organizer shared a statement addressing those criticisms on Tuesday, saying he understands the site will not be shut down. Rather, he hopes the petition will send a message to critics that a lot of people disagree with their reviews,” adding the petition is just “a way to express our anger.”

Illumination Entertainment hit it big with its Despicable Me back in 2010, which launched a major franchise with successful sequels and spin-offs with Despicable Me 2 and Minions. Now, they are heading down a similar path with their latest The Secret Life of Pets. The talking animal animated feature crossed the $400 million dollar mark at the worldwide box office yesterday and to celebrate, Illumination Entertainment announced The Secret Life of Pets 2 forJuly 13, 2018. At the moment, the movie has the weekend all to itself, but it is opening one week after Ant-Man and the Wasp and one week before Alita: Battle Angel, so there’s some serious competition in the vicinity. Up next on Illumination’s slate is the music competition movie Sing, which hits theaters on December 21st. The studio also has Despicable Me 3 set for a June 2017 and How the Grinch Stole Christmas for a November 2018 debut.


Image via Lionsgate

THR reports that Mel Gibson and Sean Penn are teaming up to star in a new film together called Professor and the Madman. The project comes from Voltage Pictures, the studio behind Dallas Buyers Club, and tells the true story of the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, which is far stranger than fiction. In 1857, Professor James Murray, played by Gibson, set about compiling the Oxford English Dictionary, and he fielded more than 10,000 entries from one Dr. W.C. Minor, who just so happened to be an inmate at an asylum for the criminally insane. Gibson first secured the rights to Professor and the Madman back in 1998, the year he won two Oscars for Braveheart. And while it was initially poised to be a directing vehicle for him, THR says that he’s handed over the reigns to his Apocalypto co-writer Farhad Safinia, who also wrote the screenplay. It’s unclear how soon filming might begin as the project is due to be shopped at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival.


According to an exclusive from Mashable, twice Oscar-nominated actor Willem Dafoe has closed a deal to voice Ryuk the Shinigami in Adam Wingard’s adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Death Note; which will debut next year on Netflix. The movie also stars The Fault in Our Stars’ Nat Wolff as Light Turner, Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton, Keith Stanfield as “L,” and Shea Whigham as Light’s father, James Turner. The film will be produced by Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs, and Masi Oka. Death Note follows a high school student who comes across a supernatural notebook that gives him the ability to kill anyone by writing their name and picturing their face. Drunk on power, he begins to kill those he deems unworthy of life. The project was initially set up at Warner Bros. before moving to Netflix, which is currently in production on the project.

petes-dragon-posterDisney has released the UK trailer for the upcoming remake of Pete’s Dragon. The film is directed by Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ David Lowery and tells the story of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon. While this is the same concept as Disney’s 1977 movie, that’s basically where the similarities end, as the Mouse House was said to have given Lowery free reign to take the story where he wanted. Early reviews for the film have been overwhelmingly positive so Disney quickly enlisted Lowry to direct their new live-action Peter Pan movie. Pete’s Dragon opens in theaters on August 12th and stars Oakes Fegley, Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, and Karl Urban.

At a recent press event for Suicide Squad, actor Jai Courtney was asked about the future of the Terminator franchise, which has been up in the air since Terminator Genisys underperformed last year. A new sequel to the movie was said to have been canceled but then Arnold Schwarzenegger went on record saying it was still happening. But according to Courtney, he thinks the franchise should call it a day. Though Arnold has become synonymous with the Terminator franchise, at some point the series will have to proceed without him. And as of now, there seems to be no further plans for another sequel.


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