Summer Glau and Garret Dillahunt Exclusive Video Interviews – Saturn Awards

     June 30, 2008

Last week I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards and as I promised yesterday… I’m finally posting the last of the interviews!

Since I have a few more interviews to post tonight, let’s keep the intro brief.

The interviews below are with two of the stars of “Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles,” Summer Glau and Garret Dillahunt. While you may know Summer from her great work on “Firefly,” you might not be as familiar with Garret. But if you’ve watched “Deadwood” or “The 4400,” you might recognize him. Also, with his work in the upcoming movies “The Road” and “The Last House on the Left,” you’ll probablybe seeing a lot more of him.

Anyway, enjoy the interviews. Look for more later tonight. And if you missed my interview with Thomas Decker (John Conner) from “The Sarah Conner Chronicles,” click here.

Summer Glau Video Interview – Saturn Awards 2008

  • She talks about the Saturn Awards
  • 2nd Season Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles talk
  • She talks about playing the role
  • Comic-Con talk
  • Does she get more recognized from Serenity or Terminator
  • Talks about the end of the first season
  • What episode is she filming now
  • I ask if the 2nd and 3rd episode is as crazy as the first

Garret Dillahunt Video Interview

  • Saturn Awards talk
  • Talks about The Road, Last House on the Left
  • Talks about how Deadwood changed his life
  • 4400 talk
  • Terminator talk – says he’s on the upcoming season
  • Talks about the TV show and the upcoming Terminator movies
  • Talks about what he has coming up. The Road and Last House on the Left remake
  • Talks about how all his friends like his work on Terminator
  • Since he’s a comic book fan, someone asks what he’s reading

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