The 25 Movies You Need to See This Summer

     May 2, 2017


The summer movie season is once again upon us.  Kids will be out of school, non-teacher adults will be wishing they could take the summer off, and there will be far too many movies to see.  Thankfully, the marketplace is diversifying, so that there are worthwhile-looking movies coming to Netflix, there are indies that could make a splash, and then there’s the general assortment of blockbusters that will inspire 1,000 thinkpieces on their way to grossing hundreds of millions of dollars.

With so many choices, the season can get overwhelming, so we’re here to help narrow things down.  We’ve selected the 25 movies that you need to put on your radar this summer.  There’s a solid variety of blockbusters, indies, and Netflix releases, so this isn’t a matter of running down every wide-release that’s opening this summer (sorry, not sorry Transformers: The Last Knight).  Although we always encourage you to see as many movies as possible, if you’re having trouble deciding, this guide is here for you.

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