Watch: Exclusive ‘Summer of ’84’ Clip Goes on a Manhunt for a Murderer

     August 2, 2018


Breakout your VHS and 8-track players and get ready for a nostalgia-fueled murder mystery with Summer of ’84, a new horror-triller that follows a group of teenage friends who start to suspect their neighbor is a serial killer hiding in their midst. The film hails from Turbo Kids directors RKSS (François SimardAnouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell) and has been making the festival rounds since Sundance, but it finally lands in theaters in August.

Today, we’re happy to share an exclusive clip from the film that finds the kids in action, setting out on a recon mission to prove their neighborhood police officer isn’t a local hero, but the serial killer that’s been clogging up the local news with his kills. There’s a pretty clear Rear Window influence on display, but without a doubt the biggest parallel is the very strong Stranger Things vibe. Just with a lot more swearing.

Watch our exclusive Summer of ’84 clip below and click here to watch our interview with the directors and cast from Sundance. The film stars Graham VerchereJudah LewisCaleb EmeryCory Gruter-AndrewTiera Skovbye, and Rich SommerSummer of ’84 opens in theaters on August 10th and will be available On Demand and on Digital HD on August 24th.

‘Summer of ’84’ Clip – ManHunt from ColliderVideo on Vimeo.

Here’s the official synopsis for Summer of ’84:

Summer, 1984: The perfect time to be 15 years old and care free. But when neighborhood conspiracy theorist Davey Armstrong begins to suspect his police officer neighbor might be the serial killer all over the local news, he and his three best friends begin an investigation that soon turns dangerous.


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