‘SummerSlam’: ’Arrow’s’ Stephen Amell Triumphs, Jon Stewart Crashes the Ring

     August 24, 2015


We don’t normally cover the WWE on Collider, but my personal interest in it was piqued over Arrow star Stephen Amell’s Twitter feud with Stardust, and his subsequent appearance on Monday Night Raw. I absolutely love seeing TV and movie stars as fans themselves, especially over something not related to their industry. Amell’s love of the WWE made his appearances on Raw and SummerSlam fun to watch just as a fan experience, but also in the way he totally owned it physically. And while his appearance on Raw could have been the end of things, the fact that he actually suited up and entered the ring properly on SummerSlam, going whole-hog on the endeavor (laying down some awesome moves), was pretty amazing.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the matches live, but that’s what Twitter is for! Check out some photos and video clips below (using the WWE’s feed mostly because frankly they make it easy for me by posting these GIFs, etc). It looks like Amell did indeed wear the Arrow vest and boots he teased on his packing video; I’m still really surprised the CW allowed him to do this in the middle of filming Arrow, but I’m glad they did. His takedown of Stardust was rad as hell! (Also, really not opposed to him being shirtless way more often).



Image via WWE








Then there’s Jon Stewart. I could not have guessed a less likely place for him to show up post-Daily Show than as the host of SummerSlam, but the fact that he actually disrupted it by running into the ring is straight-up legendary. And, him taking out John Cena also allowed Seth Rollins to maintain his hold on the title, which is not something I understand, but is apparently huge deal. It was also potentially the single-most hysterical thing I’ve ever seen. Apparently, Stewart will be on tonight’s Raw to explain his actions. For now, you can check out some of his moves and the build-up below:


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Image via WWE