Summit Picks Up Rights to Crime Thriller HEADHUNTERS

     October 10, 2011


Summit is looking to get into the crime thriller game. Deadline reports that the studio has acquired the English-language movie rights to Jo Nesbø’s Norwegian thriller Headhunters. The book was recently published in the United States and quickly became a New York Times bestseller. The story centers on a corporate head hunter who finances his extravagant lifestyle by stealing artwork from his rich clients. He gets wrapped up into a murderous scheme after breaking into his most recent client’s apartment.

A Scandinavian adaptation of the novel has already been produced, and screened to positive reception at Fantastic Fest. Marianne Gray, Ole Sondberg, and Berna Levin are set to produce the English-language pic. Hit the jump to read a synopsis of the novel.

Here’s the synopsis for Headhunters by Jo Nesbø:

Roger Brown is a corporate headhunter, and he’s a master of his profession. But one career simply can’t support his luxurious lifestyle and his wife’s fledgling art gallery. At an art opening one night he meets Clas Greve, who is not only the perfect candidate for a major CEO job, but also, perhaps, the answer to his financial woes: Greve just so happens to mention that he owns a priceless Peter Paul Rubens painting that’s been lost since World War II—and Roger Brown just so happens to dabble in art theft. But when he breaks into Greve’s apartment, he finds more than just the painting. And Clas Greve may turn out to be the worst thing that’s ever happened to Roger Brown. [Amazon]


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