Summit to Create Star Vehicle for Taylor Lautner

     December 17, 2009


Summit Entertainment, in conjunction with Temple Hill and Taylor Lautner’s father Dan, is producing a star vehicle for the 17-year-old The Twilight Saga: New Moon werewolf.  The film, which Variety describes as “a teen-aged Taken meets Die Hard,” tells the story of an elite soldier-to-be who drops training after he becomes injured and goes off to college instead.  On a spring break trip to Cancun with some friends, however, he’ll have to bust out the combat training when his travel mates are held hostage by a drug cartel kingpin.

The project is the first to be produced under Taylor Made Entertainment, a company Dan Lautner formed to develop film and TV vehicles for his son.  Temple Hill producer Wyck Godfrey says he hopes to start production by June, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Max Steel (a project Lautner’s signed onto at Paramount) permitting.

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