Sunday PSA: Spider-Man Loves Fruit

     February 5, 2012


Let me take you back to a simpler time. A time when a hard day’s work was its own reward, when doing the right thing was done out of decency without thought of compensation, a time when superheroes were fighting for truth, justice and the American way. Now let me take you to 1980 where, apparently, New York was suffering from a dinosaur infestation and a severe potassium deficiency. The values may have changed in the 80s, but Spider-Man was still fighting the good fight. He just developed an odd taste in rewards. It’s not the strangest PSA we’ve ever posted, but it’s up there. Hit the jump to check out a pro-fruit PSA from 1980 (and click here to check out our image gallery from Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man to see just how far the web-slinger’s come in 30 years.)

Here’s the first PSA featuring an animated Spider-Man from 1980:

Inflation must have been killer! It sounded like Spidey was being offered $400 million but he turned it down for a banana. Take that, Aunt May’s medical bills! And just to show you that the Web-Head isn’t anti-citrus, here’s a bonus PSA:



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