New SUPER 8 Clip

     May 16, 2011


Paramount released the first clip from Super 8 earlier today, and followed up tonight with clip number two.  The second clip opens right where the last clip ended, so together you have a full action-packed minute of Super 8, folks.  (Actually, based on some choppy editing, I’m guessing they crammed at least couple minutes screentime devoted to kids goofing around with a camera then train crashery into said minute.)

Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, and Amanda Michalka star.  Written and directed by J.J. Abrams in collaboration with producer Steven Spielberg, Super 8 opens June 10.  Watch both clips after the jump.

Click here for all our Super 8 coverage.  The movie clip double feature is provided by Moviefone:

Clip 1

Clip 2

So, based on the title and the object framing, do you think the footage captured on that Super 8 camera will be important to the plot?  Let’s check with the official synopsis:

In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth – something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.

I know the film is ultimately about the events after the train crash.  But I hope Abrams lingers in the setup scenes.  I want to hang out with these Midwestern kids who love movies for awhile (clip 1) before their innocence is lost forever (clip 2).


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