Watch All the Super Bowl Movie Trailers

     February 5, 2017


Super Bowl LI is underway, but advertisements for tangible products aren’t the only thing taking advantage of the massive viewership. Every year, movie studios tout their biggest summer releases during “The Big Game”, which gives them a chance to introduce their biggest investments to the country en masse. Many of you might remember way back when, Marvel Studios and Paramount used the Super Bowl to tout Iron Man to great success, so there’s an opportunity to give your film a big boost in visibility here—for a price.

This year we expect a number of trailers from studios ranging from Disney to Paramount to Sony, and while we know a couple of the specifics—Transformers: The Last Knight and A Cure for Wellness are definitely getting spots—some of the prospects are still up in the air. Disney may choose to preview Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, or they may skew young and offer another look at Cars 3.

There are already a few Super Bowl trailers that landed online ahead of the Big Game, including the sci-fi thriller LifeGhost in the Shell, and Transformers—although the latter will also get an extended spot later tonight. We also know there’s a Fate of the Furious trailer coming, so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well.

We’ll find out in due time, and while we’re posting some of the biggest trailers on the site, you’re able to find every single movie trailer that aired during Super Bowl LI right here in this handy post. So take a gander below, but keep checking back. We’ll be updating this article as more trailers are revealed.

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