‘Supergirl’: ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ Crossovers Are Unlikely…For Now

     August 10, 2015


In a surprise move that could arguably change tomorrow, CW executive Nina Tassler announced that there are currently no plans to feature any crossovers in the channel’s upcoming Supergirl with their other flagship DC programs Arrow and The Flash. The shows will be cross-promoted but there are no plans for Barry Allen to ask the Woman of Steel out for a date or anything. Here’s what Tassler had to say about DC and the cross-over plans:

I’m a little bit of a superhero geek and I have a lot of respect for what characters inhabit certain universes. People think “Oh yeah, pick up one character and let them fly over in another setting. You really have to be respectful and mindful of what each universe says you can and cannot do. Obviously we’re working very closely with DC. Our producers — Greg Bertlanti is kind of the poster child for this field. I’m just saying right now we’re not doing it. We’re doing it promotionally, but we always stay open. They’re very very inventive in terms of what they can and will do in the future.


Image via CBS

As for the inclusion of Metropolis’s favorite flying immortal hunk, Tassler said that there will be references to him but that there are no plans for him to actually appear as a fixture of the narrative. (Having seen the pilot, I can confirm that he is talked about quite a lot in the series’s opening episode.)  “Superman does exist in Supergirl’s universe so there will be references to him, and they’re very clever and creative in how they’ll incorporate those references,” said Tassler to the TCA audience. On top of this, Geoff Johns and Ali Adler included their two cents on the Man of Steel’s inclusion:

GEOFF JOHNS: “He will be a factor in her life but you won’t see him exactly on-screen. He’s gonna be more in the background…but he does play a part in her evolution of becoming a superhero.”


ALI ADLER: “We’re very excited that this series is very much the adventures of Supergirl, and as much as we respect the history of Superman, it’s very much her point of view.”

Creator Andrew Kreisberg added that “Lucy Lane’s father Sam Lane, Red Tornado, and Non will be introduced in the series,” which adds quite a lot of anticipation for the show for fanatical fans of the universe. Tassler finally answered questions about Supergirl being on at the same time as Gotham, another DC property, but on a different channel (Fox):

I think that they’re different audiences. I think Supergirl has a much bigger, broader audience. It’s more family entertainment. They look different, they feel different. And judging by 14.1 streams of the trailer, I don’t think anybody is worried about “Oh my god, there’s not enough audience out there to watch both shows.”

The new trailer for Supergirl can be found here. Supergirl is set to premiere on The CW at 8:30 p.m. EST on October 26th.



Image via CBS