The ‘Supergirl’ Cast Explain Explosive “Crossfire” Reveals, Tease What’s Next

     November 7, 2016


As Supergirl gets settled into its second season, the characters and stories have evolved in ways which will challenge Kara and her friends as they never expected. Supergirl’s Season 2 episode “Crossfire,” showcased a hilarious “Mike,” strengthened the friendship between Mon-El and Kara, showed James’ beginning as a vigilante and his partnership with Winn, Alex’s self-examination, and a shocking Luther reveal.

Collider visited the Supergirl set in Vancouver last week and spoke with Melissa Benoist (Kara Zor-El), Mehcad Brooks (Jimmy Olsen), David Harewood (Hank Henshaw), and newcomer Chris Wood (Mon-El) about what’s coming up next for their characters, as well as the relationships and challenges they’ll face:

On the Luthors and Cadmus

BENOIST: “I mean, should anyone ever trust a Luthor? I think that’s just going to be the looming question overall. Lena and Kara have such an awesome relationship. I love the scenes with Katie McGrath, and Katie McGrath is awesome and perfect in that part. But there’s just going to be– It’s inevitable. I don’t think Kara is ever going to be able to truly know if she’s being honest, or if it’s something she shouldn’t be suspicious of. But there is a true friendship there and a mutual respect.”


Image via The CW

On Hank’s Eventual Reaction to Finding out M’gann M’orzz is a White Martian

HAREWOOD: “I don’t think he’ll react very well. But what’s wonderful about it is he’s obviously conflicted, because he likes her and reminds him of home. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword. I think he’s struggling with the idea he could like a White Martian. It’s not something he’s used to and having a sympathetic White Martian pretty much turns his world upside down. I think I have a line coming up where I say, “You define yourself by your patronage, and if I spent all this time hating White Martians, that’s what I do.” So, without that, I think he could perhaps be feeling a little lost.

On Mon-El and Kara’s Relationship Going Forward

WOOD: “The mentor-mentee relationship is sort of how she first opens up to not just hating him, because he’s Daxan. And I think from there, it’s nice that whatever their differences are sort of fade away. And, they find the similarities that they can cling to and they become friends.”

Kara’s Effect on Mon-El

WOOD: “She’s definitely still someone he looks to as an example because she’s got it all figured out. She has the same powers, which are more honed and developed. And she also has this great sense of right and wrong which Mon-El doesn’t really understand. He didn’t grow up with that. He wasn’t taught that exact moral compass, so his journey of finding his place.”

Why Mon-El’s Not Ready to Settle Down

WOOD: “From what we’ve seen, he just likes fun. He likes going out, and making out and hooking up and just being a dude. I think it’s not really something he’s had in his life. … But he really strikes me as the kind of guy, who has just always gotten away with it. So he’s never had to think about settling down or picking one girl to focus on. I don’t think he’s open to it because of that. He’s never met somebody that wowed him like that, so it’ll take a second to wrangle and get him to calm down.


Image via The CW

The Future of Kara’s Love Life

BENOIST: “What I love that we’ve explored thus far this season is that Kara– She learned how to be Supergirl last season. It was all about her trying to find her comfort zone as a superhero and how she wanted to be. And now she’s learning how to be Kara, personally and professionally. I think it’s so important for her to just feel like she can truly stand on her own. So I love that she’s not pining after anyone right now. But there are things on the horizon. It’s really lovely the way they pan out.”

On Kara’s support of Alex

Well, I think that really Season 1 serviced the purpose to get Kara on solid ground herself. So now that Alex is kind of going off on her own path and learning something about herself, I think Kara will be there with just an open mind and an open heart. You know, those two are inseparable. Their bond is unbreakable. So whatever happens, Kara’s going to be there no matter what.

On James’ Reveal as a Vigilante and Guardian

BROOKS: “They fitted the suit to me, which is amazing. It’s really futuristic and cool. It’s skin tight. … You just feel powerful. The first time you put that suit on I feel like I can really fight crime. If you have superpowers, there’s definitely a way you can approach fighting crime, right? You’re not going to get hurt, you can stop a bullet and fly over stuff. It’s fine. But if you don’t have powers, you just have gadgets.”

On James’ New Roles as Head of CatCo and as a Vigilante

BROOKS: “I kind of liken it to Bruce Wayne. You’re kind of running an enterprise during the day and at night you’re putting on a sleek black suit and you’re accosting criminals. James in the DC universe has seen examples of it before. He’s never had to do it himself, but I think he was ready for both of those responsibilities anyway. Now he’s handling it well, at first not so much.”