‘Supergirl’ Cast Members Reveal 17 Things to Know from Set

     December 11, 2015


Warning: Possible spoilers for those not caught up through “Human For a Day.”

While it may have started with high praise from critics but a mixed reaction from fans, CBS’ Supergirl has quickly grown into something that’s undeniably exciting, interesting and fun. Now, having most recently revealed the rough and tough Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) is actually the famed J’onn J’onzz, a.k.a. Martian Mahunter, the show is about to take its next step from good to great.

Last week, we caught up with the cast and crew on set in order to pick their brain about what the experience of making the series has been like so far, as well as what’s to come for many of the core on screen players. This is what we uncovered.

  1. Concerning what it was like to film the Red Tornado fight, Melissa Benoist explained, “I think everything was kind of building to that. Her life has really been kind of tossed upside down since she’s come out with her powers and she’s really had to grapple with the fact that… With her past, and what these powers mean on Earth, what being Supergirl means, and what kind of hero she wants to be. I think anyone would be overwhelmed with that, especially someone who didn’t allow themself to be their true self for such a long time. And I had a really wonderful time working on episode six – it’s probably been one of my favorites so far – just because there was so much to grab from and play with, and she has such a tragic past there was a lot of material.

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    Regarding the matter of Adam Foster’s eventual debut on the show, Benoist added, “Her love life is so complicated. All of her relationships are so complicated. By the time that he shows up a lot has happened with the other men in her life. I like to think that, sometimes, the better Supergirl gets at her job, Kara’s personal life kind of suffers. You can’t juggle everything and be good at everything all at once. When she meets Adam that’s definitely the wrench in the machine of her life, in terms of CatCo.

  3. In addition, when it comes to Kara learning of Martian Manhunter’s existence, Benoist stated, “It’s so funny the way she reacts. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. I don’t want to tell you because it’s really funny. It’s a good thing; she’s really happy about it.”
  4. On how Kara would be able to afford her apartment on an assistant’s salary, co-creator Ali Adler stated, “in my mind, Mrs. Needleberg who lives next door is older and she got the building a long time ago so she gives Kara a break on the rent in return for being her “super.” She lifts groceries, they’re very light, but also, Kara doesn’t need to worry about the area she lives in. If she’s looking over her shoulder for the guy following her, it doesn’t really matter.
  5. Concerning the matter of being the only one of the three co-creators to not come out of Greg Berlanti’s CW camp and whether or not that means everything the show does runs through her in order to determine relatability for non-comic book fans, Adler added, “We take turns – is this the thing that would really happen? Is this the thing that we would really feel? And I’m just wanting to keep it really relatable on Earth even though we’re working with a Kryptonian.”
  6. According to the executive producers, the back-half of the season will give Kara more female friends that aren’t just her sister or boss.

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    Conversations concerning turning Lucy Lane into Superwoman have taken place amongst the writers.

  8. On whether she would like to get into the action more like in “Livewire,” Calista Flockhart stated, “I really enjoyed it. I would like to see her get out more. I think it’s kind of funny to see that character be so out of her element, and then not be out of her element. And it would be really fun to see her kick some butt. It’s fun to do.”
  9. On whether we’ll ever see a bow-tie wearing Jimmy on the show, Mehcad Brooks stated, “I love bow-ties, and I’ve asked wardrobe about it. I think I just have too long of a torso. I just have too much of a lower… it’s a long torso. I would look really weird in a bowtie.”
  10. On whether or not we’ll see Jimmy get to play with more gadgets going forward, Brooks added, “There’s more gadgets. I’m a tech guy myself sometimes, but some of this stuff is, like, covert operation, government stuff. So, like, there are different things that come from the DEO. Or Kryptonian technology that James gets his hands on. It’s kind of interesting.”
  11. When speaking on what kind of backstory we may eventually see for Martian Mahunter, David Harewood explained, “There is an episode, 11, there is a visitor from another planet, who’s a white martian. There are two martian species, there’s a—it feels really weird talking about this because I’ve not been saying anything for so long—but, there is a green martian species and a white martian species. The white martian species in our story is responsible for the death of the whole of the green martians. There was a fire, and they burned them. We get to see a lot of that. It’s very emotional.

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    Harewood also stated he would eventually have scenes with Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan later in the season.

  13. Adding to the Martian Manhunter chat, actress Chyler Leigh stated we wouldn’t be learning everything about J’onzz all at once. “I feel like every episode we’re learning a lot more about our characters, about each other but when that was revealed, who he was, David, in and of itself, his reaction was just like….he’s like a kid in a candy store. It’s really amazing.” The actress went on to say, “It definitely adds a lot of layers to the relationship between them. You start to see that he looks at her almost as if she’s one of his daughters, one of his children. You learn that he had daughters and that in a huge war his family was basically eradicated, taken out. So there’s so many wonderful moments between the two of them where that kind of stuff comes out, where he talks about “You’re very much like my daughter.”
  14. On the matter of Winn’s feeling for Kara and how he keeps them from approaching “creepy” level, Jeremy Jordan explained, “I think it’s just genuine. I think that Kara is smart enough and observant enough to not become best friends with a creepy dude. And also Winn, I think, is very sort of respectful and he gives his distance and I think he’s too scared to say anything.
  15. Jordan also adding, concerning whether Winn could turn bad given his family history, “I think as we know Winn now and how he is, it’s gonna take a lot for him to go there. At this point, as far as we know, as far as I know about him, there’s not really that darkness in him. At least not that we’ve seen. Maybe it’s deep below the service. It’s clearly in his blood. I don’t know. I don’t want to say that Winn’s going to suddenly become this giant supervillain, I think that would make just no sense whatsoever. I can’t really rule it out because I don’t know what the big plans are for the whole series.
  16. The actor also stated Winn would eventually have interaction with Maxwell Lord later in the season.
  17. Concerning a crossover with The CW shows, Adler stated, “It’s funny because I think the thing that stops us, beyond different networks and a studio that loves us all, is that on those amazing shows, there’s no Superman. That’s our question. But we’ve often said that we’re happy to examine any of these things.”

 Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.


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