Heroes: ‘Supergirl’ Crossover Episode; Fox Sets Release Dates For More Marvel Films

     November 30, 2016

Welcome to the 85th Episode of Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with guests Robert Meyer Burnett, Ashley V Robinson, and Amy Dallen. We bring you the latest news about the World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Tuesday November 29th, 2016):

  • Fox dates two more untitled Marvel movies
  • Minor Mutations
  • Twitter questions
Heroes vs Aliens

Image via CW

The CW is indeed one of the best places for superhero action on the small screen besides Netflix. They continue to up the ante as they do a four part crossover with their main shows: Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. The Flash enters Supergirl’s Earth to battle an alien invasion force called the Dominators!

Fox Has Planted Dates for Two More Untitled Marvel Films

The company that holds the rights to Wolverine, Deadpool, Magneto and the rest of the mutants from the X-Men Universe has announced release dates for two more untitled Marvel Films. From this, it now brings the tally up to FIVE untitled Marvel releases from Fox. The dates are as followed: Oct 6, 2017, March 2 2018, June 29, 2018 slated, now with Nov 2nd 2018 and Feb 14th 2019 just added. What are these five films? We’ve got Deadpool 2, New Mutants, X-Force, Gambit or a newer X-Men reboot?

Kevin Feige Says Impossible to X-Men/Avengers Movie Crossover

As expected, Kevin Feige confirmed that making an X-Men/Avengers crossover will not happen. Kevin Feige told Variety that it was impossbile. He also added that they have enough films to keep them busy for some time and that he loves being able to watch other properties explore their own comic book universe.

Minor Mutations


  • Actual color photos drop from Logan
  • She-Hulk drops the she and becomes just Hulk

Flashback:  Ghost Rider (2007)

With Ghost Rider driving around on Agents of Shield, let’s take a look back, when 10 years ago, we saw the one and only Nicolas Cage drive the flaming motorcycle, wearing the flaming skull of the Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze was finally a reality and as many had wanted to see this creature of vengeance onscreen for years. Written and directed by Daredevil’s Mark Steven Johnson, the film also starred Eva Mendes and Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles, or Mephisto. The Devil makes a deal with Johnny Blaze, getting his soul in return for saving his dad from cancer, which he does but then he dies in a motorcycle accident the next day. Years later, Mephistopheles returns to get the ghost rider to help him get back 1000 souls before some rogue devil/angels do. Sam Elliot shows up as the previous Ghost Rider to impart nuggets of wisdom and Ghost Rider keeps his power and saves the day in the end. The film is a quite a bit of a letdown, less interested in creating a scary or creepy tone, more interested in making all these demonic characters play out the stale superhero archetypes that typical scripts seemed to stamp out from time to time. Nic Cage is always an entertaining actor to watch, but besides a few quirks and a fun transformation, this by the numbers plot drags the rider and the rest of down for the count. Lets talk Ghost Rider.

Twitter Questions


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