‘Supergirl’ Movie in the Works at Warner Bros.

     August 6, 2018


Well it’s not Man of Steel 2, but Warner Bros. is officially developing a Supergirl movie. The news comes via Deadline, who reports that Oren Uziel—whose credits range from 22 Jump Street to The Cloverfield Paradox to writing and directing the Netflix film Shimmer Lake—is working on the script. Beyond that, there’s really not much else. This is a project that is in the very early stages, and doesn’t even have a producer yet, but clearly Warner Bros. and DC are interested enough in bringing Supergirl to the big screen to get the ball rolling.

Deadline notes that the idea here could be reflective of the rumors that Warner Bros. and DC are looking “to create a new template for future Superman movies.” Man of Steel kicked this whole shebang off with Zack Snyder’s Batman Begins-esque take on Superman, which was followed by what was essentially a “First Draft” of the DCEU. After the disappointment of Justice League and critical shellacking of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. opted to change course, oust Snyder, and plot a new path forward.


Image via DC Comics

That new course is being spearheaded by executive Walter Hamada, whose new slate of DC movies includes Shazam! and the female-fronted Birds of Prey starring Margot Robbie, as well as the standalone The Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. These are all in addition to Aquaman and The Flash, which began development while Snyder was still steering the ship, as well as next year’s sequel Wonder Woman 1984.

Through it all, however, fans have been clamoring for Man of Steel 2. The first Superman movie wasn’t the smashing box office success that Warner Bros. was hoping for, hence the entrance of Batman in the follow-up as opposed to a traditional sequel. There have been rumblings that Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman) may direct Man of Steel 2, but news of the Supergirl movie could mean this project might happen first, with Henry Cavill’s Superman (or a new, different Superman—but hopefully not) making some sort of appearance that would then lead into a new Superman movie.

Supergirl is already a hit on the small screen, with the Greg Berlanti-produced TV series adaptation heading into its fourth season. Warner Bros. Pictures, however, has thus far been wholly unconcerned with the successful CW-verse DC Comics shows, basically letting them do their thing while crafting its own separate movie adaptations, like Ezra Miller’s Flash.

Warner Bros. is also developing a Batgirl movie, as well as Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, so the two most iconic DC heroes may be making way for their female counterparts to get to the screen first. Or perhaps we get Supergirl, then The Batman, then Batgirl. Or maybe The Batman actually does get off the ground first. At this point there’s a lot unknown and no guarantee any of these developing projects will actually get made, but the prospect of a Supergirl movie is definitely exciting.

Then, of course, comes the casting. Who should play Supergirl in the film? Sound off in the comments below.


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