‘Supergirl’ Season 3 Finale Breakdown: EPs Address Those Major Twists

     June 19, 2018


Finale spoilers below!

Supergirl was certainly full of surprises in its Season 3 finale, “Battles Lost and Won.” Reign was dispatched of fairly quickly, although not without some surprise time travel, and not without some consequences. The main takeaway was that Kara was able to find a way to stick to her ideals — no killing — while also finding a solution to save both the human side of Sam and the world. But then there was that final scene of a second Kara Zor-El … what does it all mean?

Most finales might have left things there, but “Battles Lost and Won” also swapped Brainy and Winn’s positions of their teams, said goodbye to Mon-El, saw J’onn leave the DEO and hand the reins to Alex, while James publicly revealed that he is the man behind Guardian. There was a lot to process, in what felt like a chaotic end-cap to a very uneven season.

For most of its third season run, Supergirl did some really interesting things by not making the Reign reveal a secret (for viewers at least), and building up great emotional tension for the characters. It also introduced the Legion, and created some really great stories with J’onn and his father, his friendship with Alex, and her relationship with Ruby. These are the kinds of character moments that some of the other DCTV series could benefit from, and Supergirl has always incorperated themes of friendship and family really well. It’s not as great when it comes to heavy-handed political rhetoric, handled without any nuance, nor is it particularly good at storylines outside of the DEO or National City (see: Argo, among others). The Reign storyline also really went off the rails in the last third of the season, as it was clear the show was stalling for time to get to the finale. The long break so that Legends of Tomorrow could finish its season this spring also didn’t help, and was clearly not one that was planned by production, because Supergirl both ended and picked back up in a weird narrative space.

Instead of rectifying some of those issues in the finale, though, the show tripled-down on complicating things further — or is it for the best? TVLine spoke with executive producers Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller about some of those choices, and what might come next for the characters, which are included below in our breakdown of this strange season closer: