‘Supergirl’: Superman to Be Introduced This Season … as a Teenager

     November 24, 2015


The first season of CBS’ Supergirl has gone quite well for the network. From good reviews (at least with critics) to respectable, albeit declining ratings, the most recent news surrounding the show seems to indicate that CBS believes they have a keeper. That, or they think they need to infuse the show with a hook for the viewers because they plan to introduce Supergirl’s more famous cousin: Kal-EL, better known as Superman.

According to TV Line, the show will bring in Superman in early 2016. So far, Superman has only been hinted at a few times during the course of the season, in shadowy, obstructed cameos. However, don’t let his title fool you as it appears they intend to cast the part much younger than the audience is used to, a move which follows the whole ‘Supergirl’ premise.


Image via CBS

As TV Line notes, the actor the show is looking for will be 13 years old “with future leading man looks.” He will make his appearance in the 13th episode of the 22-episode season, in the form of flashbacks meant to portray the relationship he and Kara share. Kara, aka Supergirl, is the younger cousin of Superman, but it is not exactly sure by how much. Either way, it is safe to assume they will probably bring in a young Supergirl to accompany the young Superman.

It is interesting that they clearly state they are looking for an actor with “future leading man looks.” Is it their intent that he simply needs to be good-looking? Or are they planning for flashbacks to be a recurring aspect of the series, and they need someone for more than a one-off episode? I’m not sure how long CBS expects the series to go on for, but it’s possible the actor would have to grow up on screen. Of course that depends on how frequent they plan for his appearances to be, as well as in what capacity. Obviously it won’t be as the Superman we know, and given the age, it begs another question: How established will he be as a full-blown superhero? Also of interest is if they plan on bringing in his adopted parents, the Kents.

As far as de-aging the most famous character in the franchise goes, Gotham has been doing a similar thing. The show tells a story that focuses more on Gordon and the establishment of the villains Batman will eventually fight, with appearances by the young Bruce Wayne throughout. Fans reactions have been mixed to this treatment of a precious comic book character, but regardless, Supergirl and the audience will be meeting her famous cousin sooner than perhaps thought.

You can check out Supergirl on CBS Mondays at 8:00PM.