Melissa Benoist Takes Title Role in SUPERGIRL TV Series

     January 22, 2015


It’s official; we’ve got our Kara Danvers (Kara Zor-El)!  It’s being reported that Melissa Benoist scored the title role in the CBS Supergirl TV series.  Benoist isn’t a household name – yet – but she does have a good deal of familiar credits on her resume.  She played Marley Rose on Glee for two seasons, she had a two-episode run on Homeland and she also played Miles Teller’s short-lived love interest in Whiplash.

The only thing I’ve seen her in is Whiplash and even though she doesn’t get all that much screen time there, Benoist does make an impression and her performance also adds quite a bit to Teller’s character as well.  Benoist also has a number of projects in post-production including Danny Collins with Al Pacino and the Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Longest Ride, so clearly there’s something about her that’s earning her a good deal of attention.

A key member of the DC TV family is also quite excited Benoist scored the role:

We’ve also got Benoist’s response:

Here’s the description of her character’s situation on the show via Variety:

“The show focuses on Kara Zor-El after she crash landed on Earth. She has been hiding her powers for most of her life, but when the show starts, Kara is 24 and ready to embrace her powers and try and become the hero she was always meant to be.”

At the moment, that’s the only role that’s been cast, but based on those casting videos that surfaced (and were quickly taken down) a few days ago, we know that CBS is also on the hunt for actors to play photojournalist Jimmy Olsen and Kara’a stepsister, Alex Danvers, as well.