‘Supergirl’ Video Recap Show: Quick to Reactron

     November 10, 2015


This week on the Collider Supergirl recap show, Kaori Takee, Clarke Wolfe, Carli Garsow, and Jon Schnepp dive into the third episode of CBS’s hit series Supergirl. Last week, Kara agreed to give an interview to the most terrifying woman in National City; not her Aunt General Astra but her boss, Cat Grant. Kara holds her own until she lets it slip that Superman is her cousin. While this bit of information provides Cat Co. with a juicy exclusive, it also invites some unwelcome attention from the dangerous villain Reactron who has an axe to grind with her cousin.

Meanwhile, Kara officially has a crush on James and it would appear that he feels the same. But Winn hasn’t given up on his affection for the Girl of Steel and creates a secret space in the Cat Co. office filled with new technology to help Kara fight the baddies of National City. Before Reactron can go after Kara, he stops by Maxwell Lord’s production facility and takes the technological innovator hostage so that Lord can repair Reactron’s fractured suit. Kara decides to face Reactron but quickly begins to lose the fight. Sure enough, her cousin Superman swoops in to save the day leaving Kara frustrated and embarrassed. Kara was not pleased to learn that the only reason Superman was there in the first place is because James called him in.

It all comes to a head just in time for the big party where relationships are uncovered and Reactron puts all of the Cat Co. team in danger.

While we didn’t see anything from General Astra this episode, there was still plenty of trouble for Kara and her friends. We’re talking all of this and lots more here on the Collider Supergirl recap show! Did you enjoy the latest episode of Supergirl? What did you think of the Man of Steel’s cameo? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan, and Calista Flockhart returns to CBS next Monday, November 16 at 8PM.


Image via CBS