‘Supergirl’ Video Recap Show: Kara Sees Red

     December 1, 2015


After a technical glitch prevented us from airing the Collider Supergirl video recap show last week, we’ve got a double episode featuring a discussion of both “I Don’t Know How She Does It” and this week’s all new “Red Faced.” Join Kaori Takee, Clarke Wolfe, Britta Garsow and John Rocha for an expanded analysis of CBS’s hit series Supergirl!

Supergirl is angry… And you won’t like her when she’s angry. After trying to break up a road rage incident on the streets of National City, Supergirl lets her frustration show and scares a group of school children that she was trying to protect. As Kara becomes aware that perhaps she has some anger issues stemming from the chaos in her life–being romantically snubbed for Lucy Lane by James Olsen, losing her parents at such a young age, and having an aggressive boss, just to name a few examples–she is faced with one of her most complicated trials: the military weapon known as Red Tornado. As she defeats the android in a training exercise, her anger gets the better of her and causes a dangerous function to go live inside him, creating a new hazard for the people of her city.

Meanwhile, is Alex starting to have a crush of her own? Agent Danvers confronts tech wizard Maxwell Lord for his insight into what could be happening with Red Tornado. Family causes more headaches when both Cat Grant’s mother and Lucy Lane’s military father come to town. Featuring some of the best fight sequences on the show yet, Supergirl hit its stride in its sixth episode.

What were your thoughts on the debut of Red Tornado? Are you enjoying Kara’s journey into becoming the Girl of Steel? What do you think is the connection between Hank Henshaw and Mr. Danvers? We’re diving into all of this and lots more here on the Collider Supergirl recap show! Tell us your thoughts in the comments section! Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Mehcad Brooks, Jeremy Jordan, and Calista Flockhart returns to CBS next Monday, December 7 at 8PM.


Image via CBS


Image via CBS