Superhero March Madness: The Elite 8

     March 14, 2016


Round 3 was the fiercest battle yet. We lost all three remaining Guardians of the Galaxy, there will be no mirror match among Batmen because Professor X defeated the Michael Keaton Batman by a hefty margin, and then there was the featured matchup between Christian Bale’s Batman and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

That one was so close that it’s currently a difference of one vote. At the voting deadline, Batman was up on Wolverine by two votes, and so it looks like The Dark Knight will be moving on to the next round while Weapon X will be sulking off to drown his sorrows.

Does this mean that Batman is unstoppable? Are the other #1 seeds going to see the next round? Which wise-cracking superhero makes it to the Final Four? It’s up to you!

Vote below. Voting ends on Thursday at 2pm EST.

To see the results of previous rounds, click on the links below:

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