This Week in Superhero News: ‘Justice League’ Commissioner Gordon Image, ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Trailer & More

     September 25, 2016


We’re rounding the corner into fall, and for superhero fans that means we’re that much closer to the superhero movies and TV shows that will make our end of the year a lot better — or at least we hope they do. Many highly anticipated superhero movies and series are premiering soon, with some of our favorite shows returning, and that’s plenty to look forward to. We don’t just think about the immediate future, but also what lies further ahead, so let’s get to the news of the week that will tell us what we need to know about superhero projects in both ends of that spectrum. This past week, we got our first look at Commissioner Gordon from Justice League, The Flash got a new Season 3 trailer, Supergirl released a Season 2 promo, Luke Cage got a new featurette, and Power Rangers showed off the Zords in new posters. Take a look below.

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