The Superhero Movies of 2018, Ranked

     December 27, 2018

avengers-infinity-war-chris-evans-sliceHate it, love it, [extremely Josh Brolin voice] dread it, run from it, the fact of the matter is our pop culture landscape is ruled by superheroes. The modern-day watercooler is the Tweets, forums, and message boards that light up like an Infinity Stone following the release of a comic book movie. Hell, the trailers for the upper-tier entries stop office productivity, traffic, and social interaction for days at a time. This year was a wild, wide-ranging one for the genre; we got massive franchise-cappers like Avengers: Infinity War, decades-in-the-making standalone stories like Venom, blockbusters like Aquaman that are so unlikely Entourage turned it into a running joke for years. Superhero movies got weird. Superhero movies got animated. Superhero stories are absolutely, positively here to stay.

But as pretty much any X-Men villain will tell you, not all those with superpowers were created equal. So here, I’ve ranked all seven superhero movies that were released in theaters in 2018. If you disagree, that’s incredibly okay! That’s actually the most beautiful part about comic book movies; not one caped crusader soaring through the clouds will mean the same to two people. Disagreements can be fun. Debate can be fun. Superheroes should be, above most things, fun. To quote an icon: ‘Nuff said.

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