DC TV News: The Return of Killer Frost, Two Obsidians Revealed, and More

     September 15, 2016

Gotham’s third season is premiering soon, but usually when we think DC TV it’s more focused on the CW’s four-night lineup of DC heroes (sorry, Gotham, you are … what you are). The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl are all slated to return in October, which means we’re finally getting some more tidbits about what to expect in their respective seasons.

It seems like all four series will be going through a sea change — Supergirl will be on a new network with a new Vancouver (rather than L.A.) aesthetic, the Arrow team has been scattered to the wind (or killed off), and has been promising a return to the show’s roots, while The Flash will be taking on the Flashpoint storyline to start the season, and Legends of Tomorrow is introducing the Legion of Doom and the Justice Society of America. All of these changes seem pretty promising, so let’s dive in to some of the specifics of what we’ve learned in our latest roundup: